Organizations demand T-shaped professionals

While the concept of T-shaped skills is not so new, it is now more important than ever. Over the past decade, research has emphasized the need for today’s young professionals to possess deep disciplinary knowledge along with a keen ability to communicate across social, cultural and economic boundaries. These “T-shaped professionals” are in high demand for their ability to innovate, build relationships, advance research and strengthen their organizations. Continue reading “Organizations demand T-shaped professionals”

If you want explore other dimensions in your research

BREAKit itinerary is your trip.  Application is open until 6th of July 2018.

Develop and practice transversal skills with a focus on creating value for potential customers of your research.

Meet other researchers in this exciting journey to innovation and market arena

Previous participants says about this  programme:

This training program was just right kind of training for my career after doctoral studies. It gave me new view to my research and the skills that I have really needed, now that I am working more with commercialization and project management. Learning by doing with great colleagues around Europe, professional teaching and well-organized training offers excellent environment for learning and personal development.”

Matti Lampinen, D.Sc.(Tech.), Lappeenranta University of Technology

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Main barriers that hinder the creation the of T-shaped innovation champions

Together with the identification of the skills demanded by industry and research in professionals of the Raw Material sector, in BREAKit we want to put the focus on barriers and bottle necks that hinder the creation of these T-shaped innovation champions.

At this moment BREAKit is analysing the first findings of the results of the stakeholders’ consultation on this, which shows that the most important barriers are  in the formal educational path, where there is a strong focus on research and technical excellence and little on development of innovation & business skills in researchers, and also in the lack of practical training and relation with companies at the technical universities. Continue reading “Main barriers that hinder the creation the of T-shaped innovation champions”

New professional skills demanded by Raw Material industries

In BREAKit we aim at collecting information from RTOs, universities and industries in order to identify the main needs for creating T-shaped “innovation champions” in the Raw Material sector. And we are doing this through research and consultation with consortium partners and stakeholders in the sector. This means to identify the key skills and knowledge that will provide professionals capable to boost innovations, generate new business ideas and put them in the market. Continue reading “New professional skills demanded by Raw Material industries”