BREAKit experiential learning itinerary: workshop two

After workshop one, RISE hosted the second workshop of BREAKit experiential learning itinerary last February in Stockholm. We continued the training to create T-shaped innovators through practicing key skills and learning concepts so researchers can develop into professionals more capable to boost innovations, generate new business ideas and take them to the market.

Objectives of this second event were:

  • To prepare their value proposition to be contrasted not only with potential customers but with other stakeholders of the research area. Also, the participants detect what information from a potential customer is missing and learn to prepare either a problem or a solution interview. This is done under the process of customer discovery.
  • One of the key elements in this workshop is the refinement of their lean canvas and value proposition, as the process they follow is iterative.
  • Besides they could learn about new concepts that bring new knowledge to them as Open Innovation, presented by RISE expert in the field.
  • Also, participants started to know about the Business Model concept and the different business patterns.

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Courses and webinars related to technical topics in raw materials sector and to business and innovation

The BREAKit project offers online courses and webinars related to technical topics in raw materials sector and to business-oriented topics, such as innovations and business models in circular economy. The courses and webinars will be available for a broader audience through an open learning platform starting in September 2018. The dates of the September’s online courses and webinar are the following:

 Online courses

  • Concepts of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, 2 September 2018
  • Business Model Innovation, 24 September 2018


  • Circular economy business models, 20 September

Stay tuned – more information will be available soon!

Main barriers that hinder the creation the of T-shaped innovation champions

Together with the identification of the skills demanded by industry and research in professionals of the Raw Material sector, in BREAKit we want to put the focus on barriers and bottle necks that hinder the creation of these T-shaped innovation champions.

At this moment BREAKit is analysing the first findings of the results of the stakeholders’ consultation on this, which shows that the most important barriers are  in the formal educational path, where there is a strong focus on research and technical excellence and little on development of innovation & business skills in researchers, and also in the lack of practical training and relation with companies at the technical universities. Continue reading “Main barriers that hinder the creation the of T-shaped innovation champions”