Experiential learning Itinerary


Most PhD students, Post Docs and researchers in technical sciences specialise within a given thematic area. This specialization could limit their ability to generate innovations if they don’t have the skills to connect with other fields of knowledge and the skills to transform new knowledge into a value proposition for the market. For innovations to take place, industries demand “T-shaped” innovation champions. T-shape professionals have a deep expertise or knowledge in a single field or discipline, represented by the vertical bar on the “T”, whereas the horizontal bar is the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas and to apply knowledge in diverse areas of expertise.


Researchers, students in their final stages of their PhDs and Post Doc students with good technical background in Raw Materials, willing to explore their potential beyond technical skills and aiming at improving their skills on innovation & intrapreneurship, communication, business models, customer needs and markets.

How? Learning by doing!

While working in your research project or thesis, you will acquire knowledge and skills that generate specialists in the raw materials processes and technologies, including the environmental and sustainability aspects. Your project or thesis will be the vehicle to develop transversal skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, lean start up tools, prototyping and market validation, and business perspective.

Why join us?

  • You will be able to better define your professional career, completing your abilities with cross-disciplines abilities related to innovation, markets, communication, leadership and team learning.
  • You will learn to understand customer needs applying lean start up methodology to develop innovations.
  • You will participate in 3 international 2-day workshops with other researchers and graduated students in Raw Materials, where you will be able to share insights and practices derived from projects and experiences and to co-create new knowledge. You will also have follow up coaching sessions along the itinerary that will help you to orientate and progress in your project.
  • You will learn to create value from your knowledge and research, involving user and customer needs, and the economical perspective. You will contact withIndustry to collect feedback: the potential market is analyzed to identify the feasibility of business opportunities.
  • You will be part of the KIC Raw Material international community, promoted by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, having the opportunity to promote and expand your network of contacts for future projects with industries as Outotec, Relight, Monolithos, Research Centers as VTT, RISE, TECNALIA and International Universities as Mondragón and Lappeenranta University of Technology.
  • You will learn with other researchers and doctoral students working in the same areas of interest related to Raw Materials. Sharing knowledge and experience in dialogue sessions and working in groups will help you to improve your skills and to progress in your project.
  • You will participate in dialogue sessions with experts of the process of transferring knowledge to the market. During the workhops you will visit start-ups and incubators in different fields.

Programme duration

Starting date: 17.09.2018            End Date: 30.06.2019

Tentative dates for international workshops

Workshop 1. Helsinki (Finland): 17 – 18.10.2018
Workshop 2. Stockholm (Sweden): 06 – 07.02.2019
Workshop 3. Bilbao (Spain): 08 – 09.05.2019

Participants’ commitments

  • Working on your project or thesis of interest for your organisation.
  • Attending the 3 international workshops and participating in them actively sharing findings and own experiences.
  • Participating in project coaching sessions between workshops.

How to apply for

Contact points


Deadline for applicants: 06.07.2018 Extended: 07.09.2018

Communication of acceptance to candidates: 27.07.2018 (first comm.)

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