Engines on! Project launched!

Consortium family photo.  Kick off meeting 24-25 January at Tecnalia

At the end of one year people set their goals for the new one: do more exercise, give up smoking, learn to play ukulele, etc. all sort of personal goals. In January the sentence

Plan the work and work the plan

becomes a reality, at least for the people most committed.

This is the case of our Consortium. We have planned this project the last year. EIT Raw material found it interesting and now, in January, we started.

Tecnalia, as coordinator,  we hosted the Kick-off meeting the 24-25 of January2018

The project “ BRINGING RESEARCH KNOWLEDGE TO EXPLOTATION: A T‐SHAPE ITINERARY APPROACH (BREAKit)” is a two-year project. We will design and implement an experiencial learning itinerary to develop “T” profiles in researchers so that, in addition to their technological specialization, researchers will acquire transversal skills (leadership, teamwork, innovation management, focus on business, relationship with clients, etc.) to transform the new knowledge into a business value proposal through the lean start-up methodology.

If you want to participate in the experiential learning itinerary, contact us.

More news coming soon.

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