Webinar on electrochemical treatment of mining waters

Electrochemical treatment is a promising solution to remove harmful contaminants from mining waters. The webinar introduces what the electrochemical treatment is all about, how researchers and industry develop it, as well as what kind of measures are needed to bring the electrochemical technology to the full benefit of industry. Are you interested to hear more? Join the webinar on 20 February 2019 at 10:00 – 11:00 CET.

For more information: https://romalearning.mondragon.edu/

Webinar on Process Water Recycling and Treatment in Mineral Processing

The webinar introduces the drivers for and challenges of water recycling in minerals processing. Additionally the basic principle of the flotation process is described, followed by presentation of some process water constituents and their impact on flotation performance. The webinar ends with introduction of a modular water treatment solution that is designed for solving the problems related to process performance in mineral processing plants. Join the webinar on 12 December 2018 at 9:00 – 9:45 CET.

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BREAKit experiential learning itinerary: workshop one

Last October took place in VTT premises in Otaniemi (Finland) the first workshop of the BREAKit experiential learning itinerary. The itinerary is designed for creating and training T-shaped innovation champions trough practical train to develop such key skills and knowledge that will provide professionals capable to boost innovations, generate new business ideas and take them to the market.

Jarkko Antila presented the experience as researcher and entrepreneur in his startup company Spectral Engines

The learning objectives in each participant have two sides:

Self-development. It has to do with acquiring the capacity to take responsibilities, to take initiative and be proactive, to guide others, to work in teams, leading a project of personal/professional development itself, planning, learning to learn, connect and create networks, etc. This is itinerary is also a reflection time to think about the present and the future professional the participant wants to be.

Ideation for industry and society. This is about building the capacity of transforming knowledge into innovations. Taking research into the markets demands that researchers train the capacity to see opportunities and to take ideas into action, prototyping solutions (products or services) that can be transferred to the market, experimenting in real context, with orientation to get results (Value for customers).

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BREAKit project at ECOMONDO, the leading expo for the green and circular economy

Serena Sgarioto, R&D Manager of Relight, presented the BREAKit project at ECOMONDO, the International Fair Trade for Material & Energy Recovery, which took place last week in Rimini (Italy). The presentation showed how BREAKit provides skills and offers new opportunities for researchers, PhDs and Post Doc students willing to explore their potential beyond technical skills and aiming to improve their skills on innovation & intrapreneurship, communication, business models, customer needs and markets.

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Webinar on circular economy: what and how?

After attending this webinar, you will understand what the circular economy is about and how Europe is answering to this global challenge, what strategies can help in the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy and examples that can be of inspiration. In the webinar, the representative of an Italian recycling company Relight shares their experiences on this actual topic.

For more information, please see https://romalearning.mondragon.edu/

Organizations demand T-shaped professionals

While the concept of T-shaped skills is not so new, it is now more important than ever. Over the past decade, research has emphasized the need for today’s young professionals to possess deep disciplinary knowledge along with a keen ability to communicate across social, cultural and economic boundaries. These “T-shaped professionals” are in high demand for their ability to innovate, build relationships, advance research and strengthen their organizations. Continue reading “Organizations demand T-shaped professionals”

Courses and webinars related to technical topics in raw materials sector and to business and innovation

The BREAKit project offers online courses and webinars related to technical topics in raw materials sector and to business-oriented topics, such as innovations and business models in circular economy. The courses and webinars will be available for a broader audience through an open learning platform starting in September 2018. The dates of the September’s online courses and webinar are the following:

 Online courses

  • Concepts of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, 2 September 2018
  • Business Model Innovation, 24 September 2018


  • Circular economy business models, 20 September

Stay tuned – more information will be available soon!

If you want explore other dimensions in your research

BREAKit itinerary is your trip.  Application is open until 6th of July 2018.

Develop and practice transversal skills with a focus on creating value for potential customers of your research.

Meet other researchers in this exciting journey to innovation and market arena

Previous participants says about this  programme:

This training program was just right kind of training for my career after doctoral studies. It gave me new view to my research and the skills that I have really needed, now that I am working more with commercialization and project management. Learning by doing with great colleagues around Europe, professional teaching and well-organized training offers excellent environment for learning and personal development.”

Matti Lampinen, D.Sc.(Tech.), Lappeenranta University of Technology

You are not alone. Be part of the Raw Material community.

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BREAKit goes to EIT RM CLC South Pleanary Meeting

If you want to know first hand about us, we will present the project at the plenary meeting that theEIT Raw Material CLC South has orgnised in Madrid.

Dates for the event are 21-23 of May and

Venue is UPM – School of Mining and Energy Engineering |Calle de Ríos Rosas, 21 – 28003 Madrid, Spain

We will do a presentation with other new education projects the 22nd at 12:15 – 13:00

We would like to hear from you!!!