Develop your market & innovation skills in Raw Materials with BREAKIT

There is need to go beyond Technical specialisation and cross boundaries among domains to create innovations. This requires transversal skills such as leadership, team work, customer development, market validation, communication, prototyping solutions, etc.The project BREAKit (Bringing Research Knowledge to Exploitation: A T‐Shape Itinerary Approach) proposes a training path to help researchers and other technical professionals to transform knowledge generated in R&D projects into innovations in the market.
BREAKIT provides:

  • an experiential learning itinerary to develop transversal skills, prepares you to be an innovator and improve your employability
  • and online courses to develop market & innovation oriented skills for Raw Material researchers

The learning itinerary is based on lean start‐up approach where one of the main activities is to contrast rapidly ideas with potential customers and stakeholders, and to understand their needs.

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Also, on‐line courses related to technical topics in raw material (like materials substitution, recycling and materials chain optimization, design of products/services for the circular economy), and to business-oriented topics as innovation, intrapreneurship, business models in circular economy, etc. will be available for a broader audience through an open learning platform by the end of September 2018.

Participation in this project is especially suitable for reserachers, postgraduate and doctoral students, post‐docs on research and business fields linked to raw materials, and industrial candidates who are interested in developing their entrepreneurial competences.

BREAKit is co-funded by the EIT RawMaterials. Its results will impact a big target audience, as it addresses first the whole EIT Raw Material community (more than 100 partners of leading businesses, universities and research institutes) and secondly the entire ecosystem of learners – PhD students, Masters’ students, industrial partners and professionals in the raw materials sector, mainly at European level.